Full of grace
Full of grace
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I don’t mean to come off as unfriendly but I’m not comfortable sharing it with someone I don’t know

A humble person is not someone who thinks he’s nothing. A humble person knows he’s something, but he recognises God as the source of his greatness. Thinking one is something without recognising God as the source leads to arrogance.
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جواد مقدم - مادر دوستت دارم

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حاج محمود کریمی - از آسمون پر ستاره امشب

Any voice box that stimulates enmity among Islamic sects, is a satanic voice box.
Ayatollah Khamenei
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بخشی از دیالوگهای فیلم خداحافظ رفیق

Not too keen on the language used, but an interesting social experiment by The Pilion Trust.

If you are not defeated from within your heart, no one can defeat you from outside.
Ayatollah Khamenei
Do not depend on love for it is rare, and do not depend on a human for he is departing, rather depend on Allah for He is Omnipotent.
Imam Ali (AS)


[ENG Subtitles] - Hamid Alimi - Take me to Karbala, In shaa Allah

Though I’m not qualified to reach Your mercy, Your mercy is fully qualified to reach the likes of me.
Imām Muḥammad ᶜAbd al-Laṭīf Finch
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سید مهدی میرداماد - نبود شیعه با صفا